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refresh, create, relax

Hi campers,  It's been over a year and a half since I made the decision to cancel March 2020- April 2021 Northwoods Quilt Camps. This Autumn season finds the camps back open. I am cautiously moving forward in the "new normal" of living with Covid 19 and it's variants. I have been fully vaccinated but don't live with the illusion that the vaccine alone will keep me from contracting covid. Not all of my family has been vaccinated as I know not all of my campers have. Be prepared to go with the flow. Camps might get cancelled, I might ask for extra covid protocols, if your ill at camp I will ask you to go home. I'm doing the best I can to keep camp open and safe. I know you all want to help me succeed! 

The kind folks at The St. Croix Inn and I have come up with Camp Dates for 2022. I hope one of them will work for you!

Stay safe, keep your families safe, believe the science. 

You can reach me at 715-399-8877, 715-817-2666,

[email protected] or on fb messenger.